A Loving Nudge: white rhinoceros mother and calf

White Rhinoceros at Imfolozi

"Peaceful Night" was published in the December 2012 issue of the BBC Wildlife magazine and describes how the white rhinoceros calf gave the mother a loving nudge. The loving nudge was also photographed! Two new pictures showing these true emotions, the bond these beautiful animals have.

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Peaceful Night GDT european wildlife photographer of the year 2012 quarter finalist

Shot at Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve in South Africa, "Peaceful Night" features two white rhinoceros photographed at twilight. The image became a semi finalist in the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the year 2012 competition.

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A new portfolio has been published, including unseen images of a Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus) digging a borrow to lay eggs. Other images include ground level riverbed shots.

All images are now available for download and can be ordered as prints. AGE Fotostock also sells the HD video clip of the Nile monitor digging a burrow to lay eggs.

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Natuurkalender 2012 - Levend Afrika

De natuurkalender 2012 - Levend Afrika is nu verkrijgbaar bij lectuurhandel Joop Robben in Wijchen (Winkelcentrum Zuiderpoort) en in onze web winkel. Deze kalender is in het Nederlands en geeft alle feestdagen weer. Ruimte om bij elke dag iets te schrijven. Elke maand een nieuwe spannende foto. Adviesprijs € 14,99.


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Aardwolf pupThe aardwolf (Proteles cristata) is mostly nocturnal and is a very specialized mammal, feeding almost exclusively on termites and insect larvae. It is shy, rarely seen and not often photographed. With over 50 years of combined experience, the field guides that joined the photo shoot had never seen aardwolf pups before. New pictures of these creatures have been added.

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Mehlokazulu High School Envro ClubNikela, a non-profit organization that funds wildlife conservation and education projects recently sponsored an educational trip.

Thirty students of the Mehlokazulu High School's Envro club in Imbali, a large low income community in South Africa were able to visit the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary where they witnessed an impressive show presented by Shannon Hoffman, aimed to educate and create ambassadors for wildlife conservation.

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Osteophagia, Giraffew chewing a boneThe BBC Wildlife Magazine published this image along with an article called Bone Collector  about bone chewing herbivores. You can find it in their July 2010 Q&A section. 










Brown bear in the snow, Finland

Heavy snowfall sets the mood in newly presented brown bear pictures

After their dormant winter period, Finland's brown bears start roaming the forests again in spring. With the soft spring of 2010, the bears were out early, however, the weather suddenly turned and the bears were caught in heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures.

The new wildlife stock photography from Finland includes: 

  • Brown bear in heavy snowfall
  • Brown bear in Taiga forest with snow
  • Common Crane (on ice)
  • Whooper swans
  • Black woodpecker (including nest-building pictures)
  • Bullfinch (male and female)


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New Print CollectionThe 2010 print collection is out now! Framed prints are only available in The Netherlands and print-only versions are shipped worldwide. This collection of wildlife prints is produced using professional quality paper and printing technologies, making it very durable and ideal for display purposes.

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Tree Squirrels

Sunning squirrels

Winters can be very cold in South Africa! On early winter mornings when the sun comes out, so do the squirrels.  They love to catch some sun and warm themselves up.  It's great fun to watch them yawning and grooming themselves!

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Osteophagia, bone chewing giraffe

Sighting at the Balule Private Nature Reserve

At the Balule Private Nature Reserve, I had a great sighting of a bone chewing giraffe.

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