Selected images from wildlife photographer Frank van Egmond include rarely seen animal behavior such as Osteophagia (the chewing of bones by herbivores) and examples of symbiosis. Portraits of birds, reptiles and mammals include endangered species such as the white rhinoceros and aardwolf in their natural environment.


Portfolio Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

From osteophagia, the chewing of bones by herbivores to examples of symbiosis. View the animal behavior portfolio.

Portfolio Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits

From reptiles such as the Nile Crocodile to mammals such as Waterbuck, all the way to endangered species such as the White Rhino. View the animal portraits portfolio.

Portfolio Nature in Black and White

Nature in Black and White

The black and white medium gives us a different look on to nature, enhancing patterns and atmosphere. View the nature in black and white portfolio.

Nile Monitor Lizard


Nile Monitor Lizard

Includes the Nile Monitor Lizard (Varanus niloticus) digging a burrow to lay eggs. View the nile monitor lizard portfolio.

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)

An encounter between a pack of African wild dogs and a herd of buffalo turns explosive. View the african wild dog portfolio.

Portfolio Birds of Africa

Birds of Africa

Includes iconic images of endangered species such as the Lappet-faced vulture, stunning Tawny Eagles and the colorful Yellow Billed Storks. View the birds of Africa portfolio.

Portfolio Duikers of Kwazulu Natal

Duikers of Kwazulu-Natal

The Duiker is a shy animal, a forest dweller that prefers the thickets to open areas. In South Africa the grey, red and blue Duiker can be found along the east-coast in Kwazulu-Natal. View the Duikers of Kwazulu-Natal portfolio.

Portfolio Landscapes and Vegitation

Landscapes and vegitation

From the Nsumo pan at uMkhuze to illustrations of alien invader plants in Imfolozi. View the landscapes and vegitation portfolio.

Portfolio Snowy Finland


This portfolio includes images of Eurasian brown bears in the snow, Siberian jay, Cranes,  Whooper swans, Bullfinch and Black Woodpecker's nest building images. View the Finland portfolio.